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ZEISS Business Partner - CZ3D ME Metrology Solutions has a home at the airport


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Since 1 January, ZEISS Business Partner - CZ3D Metrology Solutions (DWC) LLC has been based at DUBAI WORLD CENTRAL Airport as a center of excellence for the Middle East.


We spoke with Hans Buchhart, a longtime and experienced technology expert in the Middle East at the new headquarters of the Business Partner of ZEISS IMT (Industrial Metrology). About ZEISS and the location, but also about the man Hans, the head of the company CZ3D Metrology Solutions.



Mr. Buchhart, with DWC you have chosen a meaningful location - DUBAI WORLD CENTRAL, was it intentional or pure coincidence?

Pure intention. We are here, from an economic perspective, in the center of the world. Did you know that you can reach non-stop from any spot-on earth from Dubai? Moreover, we are right in the middle of our business, because the aviation industry is our most important customer for industrial metrology and reverse engineering. Another advantage of the location: We are in the middle of the catchment area Abu Dhabi - Al Ain - Dubai. On the one hand, we not only quickly reach other important locations such as the oil and gas industry in Abu Dhabi, but also the mechanical engineering industry in Dubai, Sharjah and the northern Emirates. Last but not least, and very important to us, we are reaching the future knowledge of the aerospace industry - every university campus all the way to Al Ain. And also, we have seven international Airports within a radius of 150 km around us. Means seven MRO (Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Hot- Spots. So intentionally and enthusiastically: DWC - Dubai World Central. Nomen est omen.


What brought you to Dubai and when?

I still remember it very well. In July 2008, I was inspired by a major German car manufacturer for a project in Dubai. In Dubai, I immediately liked the exciting projects and the environment so much that I decided to start my own business. In 2011, to stay in the picture, I pitched my tents in the Emirates. So, this year we are celebrating 10 years in Dubai.


And then appeared the world brand ZEISS ...

Simple story. I have been working for a ZEISS subsidiary since 2009 continuously. From 2013 to 2016 we had a very intense time. In 2017, we added another dimension by taking responsibility for a sub-area of metrology for SEA. One experience was to take the next necessary step, to be closer to our customers, who were still looked after from Germany, and to offer faster service. After all, the Middle East is an important reverse engineering market, which now needs to be actively and comprehensively supplied with our solutions through a strong representation.


Maria Smouni, Hans Buchhart, Masood Khan
Maria Smouni, Hans Buchhart, Masood Khan

Can you already tell us something about the team you start with?

Of course, gladly. Lady is first. Maria Smouni is responsible for our back office. She has diverse Middle East experience and has Arab roots. With six languages, three of them mother tongue – i.e. Arabic, she is a connoisseur of land and people, customs and traditions in Europe and here. To offer our customers an Arabic-speaking contact person is invaluable for both our customers and ourselves.

Mohamed Elegbaly comes from Egypt and has been working already for ZEISS, later several years for another supplier in the region. When he learned that ZEISS Metrology was involved in his home market, he was looking forward to accompanying us from the beginning.


An equally important man aboard is Masood Khan - a friend and reliable partner since my first Dubai hours. Having worked in mechanical engineering in Dubai for 35 years, he knows everything and everyone. A joy, as he shares his valuable knowledge with us.


What are your goals for this year out and for the future?

This year, we focus on to satisfy our existing customers in Coordinate Measurement Machines (CMM) and to further expand our customer base. At the same time, in our most important countries, UAE and KSA, we will tap into the Reverse Engineering clientele. Our focus is on achieving the internationally valid ZEISS IMT goals - delivering the best quality for everyone. Optimum Quality for safe driving and flying, e.g. That's our claim.


Interview: Classy Dubai.

Photo/Video by Paule Knete