Nothing compares to a comet

A comet is something wonderful, right? An obvious question in August where we can admire swarms of falling stars.

But at ZEISS we understand something else, just as "wonderful" when we're talking about COMET. 


JP3D TechVision, a German manufacturer of additive manufactured components, uses a ZEISS 3D optical sensor COMET L3D 2 for quality assurance and in the field of reverse engineering.


This device scans and measures even highly complex and complicated parts in record time and with the proverbial accuracy for which ZEISS is so famous. JP3D TechVision experts also use the COMET as metioned earlier for additive manufacturing or reverse engineering. As we have already reported here, parts that can not be obtained from the manufacturer for a wide variety of reasons are optically recorded and measured by the COMET. Afterwards or parallel respectively the computer designs a model for the production of the pearts in the additive manufacturing procedure.


The ZEISS technology works extremely fast. In our case, showed in this German specialized publication, becomes for the test an old Vespa bumper within half an modeled. Traditionally, such tasks are extremely expensive regarding material, financially and the necessary time to spend.


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