Audi relies on ZEISS measurement technology

Quality assurance is a top priority for Audi Sport, especially when it comes to critical components whose failure would jeopardize the life of the driver.

ZEISS took on the measuring jobs for the Audi Motorsport team in 2012 and has been performing these at the new Metrology Center in Neuburg an der Donau since 2015. The center is well-equipped with solutions from ZEISS Industrial Metrology to accommodate the peak phases and plans, is very flexible and always ready to help.


Audi stands for sportive cars right from the early beginning. Audi took part successfully for example in the Austrian Alpine Rides from 1911 - 1914. The successful Audi C 14/35 PS was called "Alpensieger" ("Alpine Winner"). Now the brand became famous around the world. 


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Do you know the meaning of AUDI and how the brand has been created?

August Horch from Germany initially worked in engine construction and as a manager in motor vehicle construction at the factoy of Carl Benz in Mannheim. In 1899 he left the manufacturer and founded the Horch & Cie in Cologne. 

At the turn of the century Horch went to Saxony and the company was transformed into a PLC. After severe differences with the new management he left and set up his now second automobile company in Zwickau/Saxony. Since his name Horch was registered and protected as the brand name of the company he left, he decided to translate Horch (German for "to listen") into the Latin "Audi".


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