How A Newsletter Changed How We Think

You can spend hours, days, weeks searching for the information you need. Even if you had the time, what are you looking for? It's a poking in the fog.

The problem is that only a few people know what's new but you can only look for something that you know or suspect. 

Customers often ask us, "Why did not my supplier know that?" The answer is, "No one told him, and he did not looking for it." We learned that from practice and created our newsletter as an antidote.


Whether you like it or not, outside and independent of our will, the world is changing. Those who have the right information have the advantage. In our newsletters we compile the necessary information. In a nutshell.


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Heraclitus of Ephesus

Change is that thing that frightens some and excites others, and it is something we see as both a blessing and a course. No matter if we love change or not, change is the most prominent quality of life itself. Change allows us to grow and it allows things to happen. Fed by hope and courage, change makes anything possible.