Tremendous Impact - German Automotive Supplier Bosch

Grafik Paule Knete/Classy Dubai

Robert Bosch GmbH in Stuttgart (with half a million employees worldwide) is one of the leading automotive suppliers of the world. One of their essentials are highly efficient power generators. Probably even in your car you’ll find one of the little machines from Germany.


The crucial role inside the generator plays a complicated part - the so-called claw pole. Its shape is complex and complicated. Not even one plain surface but many asymmetries. How to ensure highly precise measurements in situ during the manufacturing process? A problem well known not only in the automotive industry.

The solution: Bosch in Stuttgart company, who produces 16.5 million claw poles annually for all Bosch factories worldwide, implemented two ZEISS DuraMax coordinate measuring machines. (Claw pole production and inspection of the tools)

ZEISS says “The measuring results are available in just six minutes – instead of half a day. … He would gladly expand the partnership with Carl Zeiss in the future, e.g. with a user day for CALYPSO software that would cover all Robert Bosch GmbH sites.”

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Grafic Designs - Paule Knete/Dubai