American company - Metrology a "ZEISS shop"

As you may have seen in our log book we introduced a lot of international companies to you. Many manufacturers of famous brands like General Motors. 

Today I want to show you another American company - Camcraft.

Quality magazine wrote June 1st

"Camcraft Inc., located in Hanover Park, Illinois, is a leading manufacturer of high-precision components and assemblies.  Utilizing the latest machining technology and automation, Camcraft manufactures the most complex hydraulic engine management and fuel system components for on- and off-highway applications. They specialize in producing difficult, precision-machined components for their clients — parts that require heat-treatment, grinding, bore sizing, hard-turning and super-finishing to achieve micron tolerances and provide superior performance for customers’ applications.  Camcraft helps its customers develop the game changing technology they need to leapfrog the competition.

Daniel Gruben, one of the company's experts 


Where metrology is concerned we are primarily a ZEISS shop,” says Camcraft Quality Control Engineer Daniel Gruben. “We currently use ten different pieces of ZEISS metrology equipment in various aspects of our operation. I recently calculated the impact of one of our most recent purchases, a ZEISS O-INSPECT multisensor CMM. It measures parts produced by five different production machines and has cut our part inspection time by about 50 percent on those components. In the year-and-a-half that we’ve used the O-INSPECT, it has saved us roughly 4500 hours of inspection time."


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