ZEISS Live: Launch of German Astronauts Mission

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Alexander Gerst, Selfie in Space

German Astronaut Alexander Gerst starts today his second trip to the stars. The astro scientist will spend six months in space with his colleagues Sergey Propkopev (Russia) and Serena Aunon (USA). "Astro_Alex" is the first German commander on the space station ISS.

The crew starts today 13:11 CEST (11:11 UTC) on board of the Russian spaceship Soyuz MS-09.

Their flight takes two days and they arrive on Friday noon at ISS.


There they team up with the current "Mission 56" till August 2018 when Alex and his team starts their "Horizon/Mission 57". In December 2018 Alex and his crew will return to earth.


ZEISS star projector at ZEISS planetarium
ZEISS star projector at ZEISS planetarium

The European Space Agency broadcasts the event. In Berlin you can watch the launch together with hundreds of aerospace enthusiasts in a commented live broadcast in our famous ZEISS planetarium

Location and Info here at Facebook.


Alexander Gerst linked on his website the live stream. Click here.


We wish you an impressive day and cross fingers to Alexander Gerst and his international team on their way to the stars.