Burst Tire? Never.

INTACT (R) 1200

You all know the situation of shredded tire pieces on the road.

A tire blowout at full speed on the highway is probably one of the worst nightmares for motorists. Remember the dangerous pictures from Formula 1. Also, the lives of millions of flight passengers depend on intact tires every day.

Our INTACT® technology is especially developed for the non-destructive testing of tires of any sizes. The goal is a hundred percent safety. Tire failure during operation or when inflating can have fatal consequences. With the patented shearography technology, material deformations in the micron range can be reliably detected.

This guarantees the high-precision quality control indispensable for highest product quality and safety standards. The tread and sidewalls of the tires are therefore inspected for internal detachments and trapped air that are invisible to the naked eye.

Attention, please, not only if you are responsible for a fleet. An empirical value states that, for example, when testing retreaded truck tires, about 20% of optically perfect used tires are classified as unsafe by shearography.

You can provide the needed safety easily. Call us. You are in good company.

The INTACT systems are used around the world by small and by major companies.


Contact us for more information. We are nearby in Dubai as your partner for the Middle East.


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