Headword Quantum Mechanics - We are prepared.

Nowadays many people are talking about quantum mechanics, quantum physics, quantum solutions. And it may seem that this is a brand new discovery. Quite the converse!


Quantum Mechanics is a really old topic. Already in 1927 - ninety years ago (!) - the so called Fifth Solvay International Conference on Electrons and Photons was held in Brussels.

In Belgium's capital the most famous physicists came together in October 1927 to debate the then new quantum theory. Amongst them Albert Einstein and Marie Curie. 17 of the 29 lumininaries were Nobel Prize winners or have been awarded later the highest scientific award worldwide.

Quantum Mechanics sparked for decades a lively discussion and not a few serious researchers denied to accept a science beyond their traditional Newtonian postulations.

Meanwhile Quantum physics is widely spread. But what's the use of it?

What do we expect in near future already?

Top scientists explained their thoughts at a ZEISS Symposium in Oberkochen/Germany in April 2018. Even we were open-mouthed with amazement.