Additive Manufacturing from A to Z

For a long time, we offer already comprehensive solutions for Additive Manufacturing because we understand AM as an process that needs an holistic approach when it comes to precision and quality.

“CZ 3D Metrology Solutions” is specialized in and dedicated to this theme. During next weeks and months, we’ll talk about AM - the shooting star amongst the new technologies.


Today: What is AM and what can we contribute to your successful business in the field of manufacturing?

The abbreviation AM stands for Additive Manufacturing, a kind of manufacturing work pieces or spare parts by means of adding a certain material step by step and layer by layer. That’s exactly the procedure you know as “3D printing.” But AM goes far beyond plastic material.


In a nutshell: In AM you can use any other materials like metal (powder) or even concrete. The AM machine loads up data like a prepared CAD (computer aided design) model and produces the part. In our blog during the following days we’ll explain the different steps of quality assurance.

As CZ 3D Metrology Solutions, we provide all needed equipment and know-how. As shown in the illustration we accompany and support your entire manufacturing process by ZEISS technology as well.



Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or experience reports. And stay tuned. More info about Additive Manufacturing soon.