The Blood Propeller

CardioBridge uses an O-INSPECT multisensor measuring machine from Carl Zeiss


The measuring technicians work with O-INSPECT and measure all components with the different (optical or contact) sensors.

In the so called Reitan Catheder inside the aorta of heart patients a tiny propeller supports the blood flow for weak hearts.

Unfolded the diameter of the pump is 15 milimeters. It is implanted in the aorta and pumps blood with a speed of 13,000 rpm.

The precision of the 50 single parts must be enormous. The parts are few micrometers in size and are provided by suppliers.

Therefore the inspection of the incoming parts is essential in order to maintain the high quality standards. 

"We can only assess the results of our developments if we know the accuracy of our components," explains Klaus Epple, Research and Development Manager at CardioBridge GmbH. Source


We introduced O-INSPECT already in our blog.

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