200,000 points per second - freehand

Our readers like the examples of practical and successful applications of our measurement and digitisation technologies. Few days ago we introduced the T_SCAN here.

Simply by scanning with the hand-held device you send huge data to the software via a tracking scanner. 

Today another impressive example.


VULKAN Couplings - Germany

VULKAN (VULKAN Kupplungs- und Getriebebau Bernhard Hackforth GmbH & Co. KG) in Herne/Germany has 129 years of experience and the turnover reaches approx. 200 Mio. €. VULKAN developes and produces clutches and gears for ships all over the world. Cruise ships, tankers, cargo and container vessels or even yachts, you'll find VULKAN couplings on all of them. One of the main challenges is the optimal "fine-tuning" of force transmission, compensation of misalignment and torsional vibration damping.


"The specialists of VULKAN have developed a unique knowledge in this field for decades and thus establish the reputation as a leading problem solver. To exactly analyze this great diversity of couplings, the company looked for a fast and accurate solution to digitize them – and opted for a T-SCAN CS laser scanner from ZEISS." said the company in a statement.

Despite the parts are huge and heavy - imagine the size of a diesel engine of a cruise ship - the measurement process has to be extremely precise. There is no better way than ...


ZEISS T-SCAN CS manual laser scanner

"VULKAN introduced a T-SCAN CS laser scanner from ZEISS. This digitizes the topography of the workpiece with 210,000 single points a second. The data capture software from ZEISS generates a 3D model of the workpiece from these point clouds. The operator first mounts the cast parts on a vise in the production area. During the scanning process a ZEISS T-TRACK CS+ tracking camera mounted on a stand nearby records  the points captured by the laser scanner in a virtually clamped coordinate system."



Find much more details about the VULKAN experts and how they do ... 

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