It Does What You Can’t

Since we spoke here about O-INSPECT "How does the technology work?" became one of the most frequently asked questions we received in recent days. You have seen that multisensor machines are becoming increasingly popular. Why?

Quality Mag says:

"Unlike traditional vision machines or regular CMMs, these hybrids can quickly, accurately, and interchangeably measure 2D and 3D parts in a single run. One such machine is the O-INSPECT from ZEISS Industrial Metrology. A multisensor CMM with 2D optical and 3D tactile capabilities, the O-INSPECT uses the same scanning probe and software as ZEISS CMMs— because it’s calibrated the same way. Instead of being looked at and calibrated as a vision machine with a touch probe, the O-INSPECTs are looked at and calibrated as multisensor CMMs, the camera being just another sensor, explains Jay Elepano, CMM/SFG product manager at ZEISS IM."


Of course, an article cannot explain all the details or operation and implementation nor analyze your individual technical requirements.

Let's talk about your special demands and visions. You can get a tailor-made solution soon. ZEISS technology will do what you cannot do - not yet.