Yes, you can - scan precise with a hand-held device

Good morning from Dubai. Today let's talk about a stunning opportunity for laser scanning.

We are often asked how we can provide such exact results regarding Reverse Engineering without a big and stable mounted apparatus and a complicated preparation process. You will be surprised but it is as simple as it sounds.

As shown in our graphic illustration the person holds a T-SCAN CS in her hand. You can see there some small sensors on the device. They are infra red-connected to the tracker. By triangulation through its three cameras the technology calculates and stores the data.

That means you can move the scanner as needed because parallel all the sensors are tracked by the cameras. The system compares their position and delivers precise data.

In the picture you can see for reasons of simplicity the conenction of two out of 28 sensors to the tracker (red and yellow) but we have reaally 28 of them!

BTW, you can scan this way pieces up to 5 cubic meters. 

Hope it this explanation was brief and sufficient enough.

Have a "well-measuring" day.