A zero defect strategy is possible

Dear readers, thank you so much for your interesting replies. You like the application examples we introduce here. Yes, we know the capabilities if our technolgies but we present the examples here because we are impressed again and agian by the creativity of our customers.

Today we would like to give you an idea how the German company Haager GmbH transformed the entire production to a future-proof range.



15 years have passed since the senior partner of Haager GmbH & Co. KG came back from a trade fair with a new idea; instead of only manufacturing jewelry as in the past, the company should orient itself towards the medical technology industry. Haager took on small projects for individual medical technology manufacturers to begin with, in order to develop the requisite know-how for the new area. 

The medium-sized company can now also guarantee tolerance specifications of a few microns and "our production area will soon be exhausted as a result of the revenue growth" says Stephan Lehnert, quality expert at Haager.

He knows one thing for sure: In future, medical technology manufacturers will wish to integrate the parts from their suppliers in their products without inspection for time and cost reasons. 



Suppliers who do not define the so-called zero defect strategy as a specific goal will be very quickly on the outside looking in – permanently.

Haager GmbH therefore gives top priority to the issue of quality and put their faith in a ZEISS O-INSPECT for high-precision measurement of the tolerances for shape and position.


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