ZEISS and the Mars project

"A long time ago. In a galaxy far far away..."

No, now and here! I've been asked often why we are so significant for the international aerospace industry. Actually the answer seems simple to me. Our experience, our quality, our countless daily convincing activities. But let's be more precisely and have a look at a representative example.


ZEISS TECHNOLOGY supports the Mars Rover project and helps ANDREW TOOL to win the order for Mars Science Lab. 

The statement: "At Andrew Tool & Machining Inc., coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) are a key element of the manufacturing process, but they had never faced a project with such intricate measurements, tight tolerances, heat treatments and a very short time frame requirement. Their objective was to land an order for an MSL project (Mars Science Lab). A CMM from Carl Zeiss should make it happen."


Fun Facts - What makes a project on Mars so challenging?

First of all - it's cold outside. The distance Sun - Mars is 230.000.000 km (Earth 150.000.000 km) That's why the average temperature on Mars is - 63°C. Mars has only one third of the earth gravitiy. Every little shake would become a jump. The atmosphere over there contains 94% carbon dioxide , no oxigen.


The new Mars rover has to be very stable because of his enormous wheigt. You can image how strong and reliable for instance the gear and gearbox must be. It's our job to provide latest CMM technology to the manufacturer ANDREW TOOLS and we are pleased to do our very best.


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