The countdown and your advantage

Desing Classy Dubai/Paule Knete

Dear partners, friends and collegues of CZ 3D Metrology Solutions in the MIddle East. As you have seen during the last weeks we are preparing a unique entity for you - a competence center of ZEISS 3D metrology and reverse engineering

We are based directly at Dubai World Central airport, easy to reach from Abu Dhabi or Dubai eaqually.

Setting up our company in Dubai we closed a gap of high end technology and technical support in the region.

Our team prepares already presentations and demonstrations. Whenever it comes to expert advice regarding metrology and reverse engineering you benefit from our multilingual team of special trained engineers and technicians of a world-leading brand.

ZEISS original technology now within reach.

Do you want to make your measurement work more efficient and precise? Would you like to capture the entire surface of a piece? Use reverse engineering to create CAD files in order to "revive" your parts or engines for which no CAD data is available. Our solutions lift your business up to a completely new level of accuracy and efficiency. 

We'll start in 14 days. Be with us right from the beginning and amidst of the frontrunners - using ZEISS technology in the MIddle East.

Contact us now.